Animator and musician. He has played about 150 concerts in all of the main Croatian and Austrian venues. His films have been shown and won 20 awards at more than 200 national and international film festivals: Zagreb, Stuttgart, Espihno, Fantoche, Annecy, Hiroshima, Sao Paolo, Utrecht among others. He was and is teaching animation at different universities, in Croatia, Austria and China. He is also working as a dj.

Currently, he is working on new films and new songs.

Filmography and discography

2011 Daniel was appointed to be the artistic consultant for animated film at Croatian Audio-visual Centar, highest body in Croatia, responsible for all aspects of croatian film, promotion and financial support by the Ministary of Culture and Republic of Croatia

2011 international competition jury at Anifest Trebon and 2010 pre-selction jury for student films at ITFS Stuttgart

2010 Daniel curated and presented a big retrospection with 3 programms of croatian animation film history and recent works for the festival Fantoche in Baden near Zürich, CH

2009 Daniel started to teach at Animation and new media department at Academy of fine arts in Zagreb

2009 Film with a girl was included to 17. International exhibition of drawing, spetial section dedicated to animated films, at Museum of modern and contemprorary art Rijeka.

2008 Short life, a film made together with paintress Johanna Freise was included to Art Cologne, New Talents exhibition

2008 jury member at World animation film festival Zagreb, and 2009 Teheran international animation festival

2008 35min documentary portrait on Daniel and his film making was shown on BR Alpha

2007 retrospective at Blaugelbezwettl gallery, Zwettel, Austria

2006 and 2009 guest lecture during "International Animation Education Forum" at Jilin colledge of the arts animation school, in Changchun, China
Invitation from the colledge to be honorary professor

2005 - 2008 lecturer for animation at Institute for Media, at Universität für künstlerische und industrielle Gestalltung, Linz

2005 two guest lectures during "International Forum for Animation" at Digital Media Design Centre at National Yun-lin University of Technology & Science, Taiwan

2004 produced animated parts for a TV advertising campaign for a state economy programe organized by the Croatian Ministary of Economy.

2004 started to organize different animation screenings in Vienna

2003 animation workshop in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2002 pre-selector for animation at 10th Croatian Film Festival, Zagreb

2002 directed and made a selection of Austrian films for a 45 min. TV show on BR Alpha, a German satelite TV station

2001 workshop at International Animated Film Workshop for children, ŠAF, Čakovec, Croatia

2000 member of Young animation Jury at Stuttgart Animation Film Festival

1999 a  Kino-commercial for Compaq

1999-01 worked as film and music editor and cameraman at TIV (a local Vienna cable TV), has been a member of Asifa Austria since 1998

1997 the first professional film production: "Kolač" ( the Cake) produced by  Zagreb film

1997-98 master year at Mkl. Prof. Attersee

1992-97 studied at Hochschule für angewandte Kunst, Wien, Mkl. für Malerei und TrickfilmProf. Attersee, animation studio leader mag. Hubert Sielecki. Graduated in 1997 with the film "Sunce, sol i more" ( Sun, salt and sea), with distinction.

since 84 playing independent orientated music in a few bands like Sin Albert, Studeni Studeni and Space Invaders. Since 2000 in Zagreb based world music band Stampedo

1989-91 studied at ALU (Academy of fine arts) , Zagreb

19.2.71. born in Zagreb, Croatia


2007 KURZES LEBEN (SHORT LIFE) with Johanna Freise
1998 LEPA VIDA (BEAUTIFUL VIDA) with Oliver Marčeta
1996 HIGHWAY 59


2002 STAMPEDO – Pau Pau, CD
1998 SPACE INVADERS – Planet Blue, CD
1995 SPACE INVADERS – Space Invaders, MC
1994 SIN ALBERT,STUDENI,SPACE INVADERS sampler-Ča je život vengo fantažija, MC
1990 STUDENI STUDENI – Čisto kao suza EP
1990 SIN ALBERT – Sin Albert EP


2011 IN CHAINS, 2. festival of croatian animation, Zagreb - best film in category of professional/art productions
2008 SHORT LIFE, Etranges Nuits Du Cinema, La Chaux-de-Fonds, CH - special mention "Coup de cour du jury"

2007 SHORT LIFE, 4. Animateka Ljubljana - special mention
2007 SHORT LIFE, Animation day Croatia, Zagreb - Grand prix for the best film

2004 I CAN IMAGINE IT VERY WELL, 1. Black &White festival, Porto - 1. prize in category animated films
2001 A FILM WITH A GIRL, 13. Filmfest, Dresden - 3. prize
2000 A FILM WITH A GIRL, 9. Croatian film days, Zagreb - "Oktavian" for the best animated film
2000 A FILM WITH A GIRL, Matita film festival, Chieti, I - special mention
2000 THE CAKE, World animation celebration, Los Angeles - best work by a student
1999 THE CAKE, Fantoche, Baden, CH - audience 1. prize
1999 THE CAKE, Fantoche, Baden, CH - jury honourable mention
1998 THE CAKE, 4. Diagonale, Graz, A - honourable mention
1998 THE CAKE, 7. Croatian film days, Zagreb - "Oktavian" for the best animated film
1998 THE CAKE, 7. Croatian film days, Zagreb - jury prize for animation
1998 SUN, SALT AND SEA, 23. MFP Film Song & Video, Mohelnice, CZ - special mention for animation
1998 SUN, SALT AND SEA, 29. revue of craotian film and video, Rijeka - 1. prize
1997 SUN, SALT AND SEA, distinguished as exeptional diploma work by University of Aplied arts Vienna
1995 LECKDONADLS, 27. revue of croatian film and video, Zagreb - 3. prize
1994 WALZER, 26. revue of croatian film and video, Split - 3. prize
1994 EVENING STAR, 26. revue of croatian film and video, Split - 3. prize

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